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Welcome to Classic Tesla

Hi I'm Bart Anderson.

This website has been around since around 2000.

Most people use this site for the program JAVATC.

There are several other programs available here also.

Some of my own coils I of course put up at this site.

I hope this website is simple, useful, and informative.


Tesla Coil Safety Information
Formula's for Tesla Coils
MMC Cap Chart
All About The Tesla Coil Mailing List (TCML)

JavaScript Design Tools

F A N T C - Resonance Analysis Tool
J A V A T C Tesla Coil Designer
J A V A M M C - MMC Designer
J A V A D R C - DR Tank Cap Stress Calculator
Flat Ribbon Primary Inductance Calculation
Dual-Layer Primary Inductance Calculation
Plate Capacitor Calculation
Rolled Capacitor Calculation
Bottle Capacitor Calculation

Resources, Patents, Papers

Papers and Files
Nikola Tesla United States Patents
Resources and Websites

Tesla Coil Physics

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